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Arunam Technologies help companies reduce annual IT costs by 15-30 percent.

Our Name is our Greatest Promise

With Arunam products, ePA, QuantileN, ModernGovern. You can integrate big data and build predictive models to gain unprecedented insight into your customers from acquisition through cross-sell, up-sell, churn prevention, and generally taking the next best action with every interaction, across every customer channel.

Our task isn't just to predict what will happen, We will work with management to make it happen with a positive execution plan.

Arunam Center of Excellence on SAP HANA, SAS Grid Computing and Data Governance offers a guaranteed high quality service deliverable to our clients on any next-generation cloud deployment model. Request the details on contact us page.

Explore our Premium Services Our Experts, Your Business, Proven Results.

    HANA fast launch.
    BW on HANA migration.
    SAP Data Services and HANA.
    Real-time data-based decision cockpits.
    Accurate Models. In Days. Not Months.
    SAS Grid architecture and software installations.
    SAS Visual Analytics fast launch.
    SAS Cloud Analytics.
Data quality monitoring fast launch.
Data Governance framework for Regulatory compliance.
Data quality for Solvency II, Basel II & HIPPA reporting.