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Premium Services

The key to our premium services is our seamless integration of big data and functional expertise with analytics capabilities to support execution on any cloud service model.

Areas of Expertise

Aggregate, manipulate, visualize big data for improved product and service offerings. We establish common ground for big data governance.

Getting ahead in the cloud. Our potential savings amount to 20 to 30 percent across the entire IT budget. We help you determine the optimal cloud service and deployment model with security and transition you from traditional IT to the cloud.

SAP HANA fast launch for real-time decisions and smart data access in your ERP and BW landscape.

SAS Analytics to gain unprecedented insight into your customers - from acquisition through cross-sell, up-sell, churn prevention, taking the next best action across every customer interaction channel.

Data Visualization dashboards to gain unprecedented insight into your data and to encourage end-user adoption.

What else Arunam can offer?

We partner with our clients across industries to develop analytics capabilities and digitize their business process and products to help them seize the big-data opportunities.

We conduct targeted data mining to help retailers make informed decisions about pricing, promotions, and assortment management.

We highlight the growth opportunities and optimal assortment strategies by mining consumer purchasing behavior and product usage.

Data driven promotions: We build visualization dashboards on market dollar spend and response ROI.

Sentiment analysis to determine how your customers are reacting to the products and actions

We help to build the association rules for discovering relationships for retail basket analysis

We aggregates data from all relevant grid operational systems, subjects federated grid data to extensive real-time analytics, and provides customers and utility decision-makers with intelligent portals that provide rich insights into supply-side and demand-side operations.

Our Smart Grid Analytics engine on the cloud offers end-to-end solutions across the entire smart grid.

Customer segmentation and Price optimization.

Payors: We build data-analytics engines using the existing data more effectively to improve the cost of your care. We ensure data is captured and enriched effectively for data-driven decisions.

Providers: We help to build comprehensive patient information and eliminate gaps in patient health histories by linking to external relations and partners to aggregate patient data. We build data quality awareness dashboards to ensure consistent and comprehensive data is captured. Reinforce this using our continuous education and learning network.

Our data architecture and governance framework would help to build a shared data sources across the organization phasing out the internal silos.

Product database design for rapid experimentation.

Aggregate customer data to improve services, increase sales.

Real-time customer feedback database to trigger post-sale services and detect flaws.

Sensor data operations analytics.

We develop, validate or refine credit models to help our clients make better underwriting decisions and expand revenues.

We help clients make sound capital and liquidity decision using our stress testing framework.

We help clients with our data quality fast launch program for regulatory compliance reporting.

Digitize the product offerings for cost savings.

Multi-channel interaction framework for improved customer services.

Advanced analytics for Fraud and Pricing model.

Process automation for straight-through claims processing.

Why chose us?

  • Products and business process digitization for big data opportunities
  • SAP HANA fast launch. BW on HANA migration
  • Cloud service and deployment model framework with IT security
  • Accurate Prediction Models. In Days, Not Months
  • Data quality for Solvency II, Basel II & HIPPA reporting
  • Data visualization dashboard development using Tableau and Qlik.

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